BOO! Simon Plaster – it's awful good reading


BOO! Simon Plaster, showing the actors of the individual and humorously twisted characters this side of Oklahoma City, with his memorable hero-woman, a reporter for a small town, which was great, Genryetta may simply be one of the authors of & # 39; entertainment and LOL is no novels. In his last novel "BOO!", Plasterer, the author takes a satirical notes on various subjects, including the sexual mores and the movement "I am too." This is a book that will delight fans of plaster and everyone who loves to read satirical novels that highlight the lighter side of controversial issues. No matter what you are supporter of the movement, "I'm too" or critic, you will find in the pages of BOO!

how BOO! Opens Henrietta working in OKC, writes for OKC SCENE, and she has a new boss, Mr. Nigel Fleetwood, a person who wants to take the publication in a new direction. Affecting an English accent, Fleetwood wants a scan OKC included touches that have long been the pins of some British newspapers, for example, more scandalous stories about celebrities and political figures, as well as photographs of naked and half-dressed ladies.

Genryetta boss asks her to write a story for OKC SCENE about haunted houses in Oklahoma. In the course of research on the Internet, she reads about a haunted castle, known as the LeRoy castle, which is open for visits and shows the "entertainment". Haunted castle covered with all sorts of rumors associated with it. If Henrietta discovers that a famous Hollywood producer / director Dean Debaffa, a character who Plaster included in previous novels in the series, plans to & # 39 is coming soon, it feels good design news.

Approximation visit DeBafa pushes many women that are repeated in a cycle of satirical novels "Henrietta" Henrietta to think about their last meeting with him in a new light. With a number of the latest news about the men in politics or related to television and Hollywood as CBS & Les 39, Les Lesves and Fox & Bob; Reilly, accused of sexual harassment, as a background for a permanent hizhynks and subploty in BOO! Female characters, such as Genryetty mother, Winona Sue and mistress / servant Maude McGill Castle Haunted reminded that Debaffa they are subjected to "sexual harassment."

BOO! Particularly relevant news events today, when a dispute has caused a confirmation judge wrought as the Supreme Court as one of the latest news about the claims of women who spoke about the fact that they were abused. There is no doubt that the topic of sexual harassment very suras & # 39; oznaya, and the tragedy of many women experience when they are subjected to sexual harassment. Make satirical verses of & # 39; serious issues such as sexual harassment, can be very difficult, but Simon Plaster more than up to the task in the pages of BOO! If you are a & # 39; a fan of reading entertainment satirical novels, including the terrible Halloween fun touch, just approaching the upcoming holiday, you will need to check BOO! and add it to your reading list today!


The American Banjo Museum


American Banjo Museum, which will soon be moving into an entertainment quarter Bryktaun in downtown Oklahoma City is now located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and was founded by Brady Hunt and Jack Kening in 1998. Banjo – a four-stringed instrument that has developed over 350 years in America.
American Banjo Museum seeks to promote a better understanding and a greater appreciation for this is clearly an American tool, which was also the representative of the jazz era of the 1920s and 30s.
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Initially, the museum began to gather with 60 four-stringed tenor and bacteria, each of which is decorated with arts. The museum also recently acquired about 200 banjo, made in America and belonging to the era of jazz, from a private collection in Germany. Being the only such kind in the world, the museum features a large collection of most banjos on display in the world.
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The sharp increase in the collection of banjo led to the decision to move the museum to Guthrie Bryktaun in downtown Oklahoma City. New on the & # 39; The object is very impressive and will show more than just a demonstration of the banjo.
Theater performances are scheduled for 60 seats, multimedia exposition of the history of the banjo, an ancient replica Shakey & # 39; s Pizza Salor, a souvenir shop, as well as other add-ons, including classrooms, offices, shops and eateries.
After the American Banjo Museum Bryktaun move to somewhere in the middle of 2009, the residents of Oklahoma City, and the tourists will be able to go to another place. This is another valuable addition to an already saturated attractions menu that offers Oklahoma City. City hotels Oklahoma City, always include the Museum of the American Banjo into a tourist route that organizes excursions for its guests.


Oklahoma City apartments that favor regardless of corrupt rent, bad credit or criminal background


Oklahoma City – one of the fastest growing cities in the state of Oklahoma. It is also the 13th most populous country with a population of over half a million. Metro area actually has more than one million. As the city with the & # 39 is a production and educational center, there are many people who have decided to make it their home every year, which means that many apartment city facilities are in great demand, especially in singles, seven & # 39; families belonging to the labor force for the first time or the other. to save to buy a home, but want to stay in the apartment. Apartments apartments in Oklahoma City also requires certain criteria before they can be approved. One of them – good credit. Another suitable rental history. The applicant must also be pre-tested, and does not have a solution, such as bankruptcy. Is there a city apartment that claim regardless of background rent, loan or judgment?

The city has several apartments, which can approve of problem tenants. There is a common mistake that these apartments are located in Section 8 of the city, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, you can provide a very decent apartment in a privileged area of ​​the city, even with a problematic past. Let's look at a few places:

  • downtown area
  • Brytaun
  • deep deuce
  • Midtown
  • The Asian region

This is not an exhaustive list. Problem is the fact that many of these types of apartments, which are commonly referred to as "second chance apartments in Oklahoma City," do not advertise directly. Then the choice is search them by trial and error. Sometimes the Internet can be of great help. Another way to find these apartments – ask locator apartment and see if they can help with the list. Typically, they will have a list, but at other times they can only serve customers with excellent credit.

Another way that you can explore – is to establish contacts with friends. If you know friends or family members & # 39; and whose credit is not perfect, but who went ahead and obtained permission for an apartment, you can get from them valuable information on the location and requirements.

It is also good to note that despite the fact that these apartments can work with applicants who do not have perfection, they will insist on a few key requirements. One of them has a job that pays at least three times the rental amount.


Brief Introduction of buyers & # 39; Paradise – Crossroads Malls in Oklahoma City


Crossroads Shopping Center in Oklahoma City OKC is considered the main attraction of the southern borders. The shopping center, which covers an area of ​​over one million square feet, is located more than fifty shops, various food outlets, theaters, children's play areas and various other amenities. All this makes the shopping center Crossroads, OKC shop for buyers.

Different stores feature such names as "elegant jewelers, Sports Field, Bath and Body," "Victoria", "Action Foot" and "OKC Style". However, it should be noted that some of the leading anchor stores such as JC Penny, Dillard & Macy & # 39; s, recently stopped working at the mall, leaving Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body. as a single functional anchor store.

Even when you close some large stores anchors a shopping center could attract such a shopaholic through some renovations, which have become absolutely essential in order to make the shopping center. This led to the creation of a children's play area and a carousel. Visitors and tourists can not miss the sight and sound of a fully functional oil wells located among park in the northern part of the shopping center "Crossroads". This oil well continues to be a major draw in this shopping center.

Power shopping center attached great importance to facilities that sell the shopping center "Crossroads" for shopaholics and visitors. In addition to basic facilities such as toilets, ATMs and telephones in significant places, Crossroads Mall staff is always available to assist guests. For example, if the guest wants it, the mall staff willing to call a taxi for the guest.

protection staff even ready to support you to the car. It is because of this kind of services sold, the mall is still considered a haven buyers.


OK City Zoo Amphitheater


Amphitheater OK City Zoo – it's live music and is part of the Oklahoma City Zoo, the oldest in the south-west. Zoo offers a lot of hobbies and kids and adults alike. One of the main attractions of downtown Oklahoma City, the zoo presents a large number of exotic species and more than 100 beautifully landscaped areas. The zoo also presents special exhibits that are basically specific locations, such as The Great Escape, Cat forest, island life, the Butterfly Garden and water sculpture, each dedicated to a particular category of animals. In addition to all these celebrities, OKC Zoo Amphitheater delights the audience with their concert performances.

Musicians performing in the amphitheater – Paul Rogers, Willie Nelson, Velvet Revolver, Beach Boys, Carole King and Snoop Dogg. There are available regular concerts. One reason for the popularity of the amphitheater with the OKC Zoo & # 39 is a great atmosphere in the fresh air. Lawn chairs and blankets are allowed, which allows viewers to keep yourself cozy and comfortable during the show. The concession stands serve food and drinks.

OKC Zoo Amphitheater offers more than the basic experience of the great outdoors. Its package "Gold" and "Platinum Package", available at the price of 1000, and $ 1,500, respectively, offer VIP-experience. Gold Package includes access to the VIP-deck, which is plasma screens, bar gourmet, bar for alcoholic beverages and more. The package also includes tickets for general admission and reserved seats. Platinum Package brings with it all of these features and laminated VIP Pass, as well as the opportunity to get closer to your favorite bands performing here.

It's a great experience that offers an amphitheater OK City Zoo Amfitheater, outstanding live music bands and a fantastic atmosphere. Transfer services are offered by hotels OKC at concerts held at the amphitheater, including the series "Summer Concerts 2009".


 Дзяржаўная кірмаш-арэна Аклахома


Дзяржаўная кірмаш-арэна Аклахома, штат Аклахома-Сіці – гэта шматмэтавая арэна, размешчаная на дзяржаўных кірмашах штата Аклахома. Таксама называецца "Вялікі дом", арэна можа змясціць 10 944 чалавекі і з'яўляецца трэцяй па велічыні шматмэтавай арэнай, якая належыць Аклахома-Сіці пасля Цэнтра Форда і арэны Какс-цэнтра. Адчыніўшыся, будынак меў самы вялікі дах такога кшталту ў свеце і быў названы Дзяржаўнай кірмашовай арэнай Джэймса Норыка ў гонар мэра OKC у той час.

У Вялікім Доме ў OKC пражывала франшыза Цэнтральнай хакейнай лігі, Аклахома-Сіці Блэйзэрс, з 1965 па 1977 год, а таксама прымала ўдзел у баскетбольных плей-оф дзяржаўнай сярэдняй школы. У дзяржаўным кірмашы Аклахома зараз праводзяцца мерапрыемствы конскіх гульняў, родэа і конныя шоу, у той час як дзяржаўныя кірмашы і Вялікі Дом служаць рэзервовымі сродкамі для спартыўных спаборніцтваў і канцэртаў.

У 2008 годзе завяршыўся сезон коннага шоў у Дзяржаўным кірмаш-парку, OKC. Дзякуючы сваім цудоўным конскім аб'ектам, ён з'яўляецца ўлюбёным месцам для правядзення конных выступленняў і па-ранейшаму называецца «сталіцай коннага шоў свету». Шматмэтавая арэна таксама з'яўляецца домам надзвычай папулярнай штогадовай кірмашы. Выданне кірмашу 2009 года чакаецца, як і папярэднія выпускі мерапрыемства, і пройдзе ў парку з 21 па 27 верасня.

Наведвальнікі горада, якія спыняюцца ў гатэлях OKC, могуць праверыць дзяржаўную кірмаш Арэна Арэхама, штат Аклахома-Сіці. Гасцініцы ў цэнтры горада OKC падтрымліваюць рэпутацыю гасціннасці і камфорту па эканамічных цэнах для наведвальнікаў гэтага ажыўленага горада.


Arts Festival in Oklahoma City


Art Festival in Oklahoma City – a great opportunity for people of all ages to draw his senses in an exciting festival experience. The event offers a unique pleasure with a rich combination of visual, performing and culinary arts and cultures from all over the nation. Many live performances staged at this point, add the festive mood of the event. Visual artists from different areas come together, present their unique performances and make the event lively.

OKC Festival Festival – an exciting time for fun

OKC Arts Festival offers excellent entertainment options for both adults and children alike. From the drawing of the face and the manufacture of pottery to works of art opportunities for children to avail of. Adults can enjoy the finest shopping in the exciting shopping centers. "March of young art" – a popular place for shopping Arts exclusively for children.

Delicious food palatability to choose your taste buds

Presenting an opportunity to evaluate different types of fine art, arts festival in Oklahoma City also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights. Many sellers & # 39; stands and carts there and near the place where the offering both traditional and international tastes for the visitors. Chicken sandwich with Coyote, strawberries Newport, Baggio tacos, Indian tacos, tekilavy bread pudding and pizza top jumping down – a popular dish.

Be part of a great event

Arts Festival Oklahoma City has a rich history of over 43 years. Stage Center, Festival Plaza and Miryyadski Botanical Garden – a common platform on which the event is held annually. This year is the 44th anniversary of this great event. The event began April 20 and will be held on April 25. This is a wonderful holiday, which lasts for 6 days.

If you are looking forward to participate in this wonderful Arts Festival in Oklahoma City, organize a comfortable accommodation in cozy hotel this place and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Skating Braum in Oklahoma City


Winter brings with it numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment for everyone. If you are looking for winter training in Oklahoma City, Braum, a skating rink in front of the music hall Civic Center, the city center – the best place to visit.

Gripping features skating Braum

It is said that the platform 62 to 150 feet – this is one of the largest outdoor rinks in the south-west. This means that the rink has increased its size by 50 percent compared with the year before last with the intention to gather more visitors and give more space to show off a figure skater. Entertainment scene rink offers many activities, such as singing and dancing. The special of the night, you'll also enjoy Santa. All this will add a festive mood of December. Participants can visit the cafe "County" Braum coffee, soda, hot chocolate, hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream.

Important things you need to know about the ice rink Braum

Ski season begins November 25 and runs through January 1. All these days the rink is open from noon to 10:00. Braum ice rink is also open on Christmas Eve and Christmas time, in the same hours. For skiing you can bring your own skates or get a shiny new skates for rent from the rink. Skates are available in all sizes. If you rent skates, ticket prices can reach up to $ 8, otherwise you need to pay only $ 5.

Additional recreational activities in Oklahoma City

In addition to providing opportunities for ice skating, ice skating Brauma in the center of the city, Oklahoma City offers a number of other recreational activities, which include breakfast on the brick, evening cruises on the water taxi Bricktown, boating near the Christmas tree Aklahomana and much more. Many of the hotels in this place offers a special service to all the interesting places.


Oklahoma City deserves loss – Live Sonic


Funny to watch Oklahoma City fans are happy when Kevin Durant comes to town.

On Wednesday, the Warriors Golden State in the evening found a way to MidFirst Bank arena and, as it was last year, Believer Thunder took to CD and Twitter account to a healthier range of prisms, ridicule and signs that proclaim things like "Rings trumps integrity "What is the thing you have to tell yourself when you fall down.

And between the fans and the teams left of love. Russell Westbrook had never experienced KD & # 39; s-not-you-it & # 39; s-me routine. Duran announced his plans on the Internet. It was not "The adoption of my talents to South Beach", but again, KD isn – and LeBron did.

But the story is that the Rus heard of Durant signing with Golden State via Twitter, and I saw that shocking. Rus found out that he was thrown when KD changed status to Facebook.

It stings.

Last year, he brought it to all, on average a triple double and taking home MVP traffic and even a CD size of the contract.

Durant, however, took home the trophy MVP. From the NBA finals. It comes with its ring. And he's on the way to another.

He was in Oklahoma, eight years before from the & # 39; Congress, seven of them – with Westbrook. And fans Westbrook and Oklahoma City had come to see him as a franchise. He was their best player, their most brilliant light, all that they knew.

And then he threw them for a hot, younger model. It's not you, it's me.

And they turned on him as he was a traitor, he was. Rather than try to find a way to beat the Warriors, Durant joined them. He was lucky that Feely did not have shit. We, as you know, throwing the batteries.

Even in Oklahoma – a place that I've never been, but imagine how you lived in Baton unchallenged wonderful bread with colored flowers and nightlife – everything was soft.

Westbrook and Durant faced with the progress of the game, but the nape of his head with his army behind. And for the first time Westbrook got the best of Durante and the Thunder won.

From the beginning I watched the car & # 39; eray Durant. Because I live in Seattle. Most people forget that in Seattle zvyshgukaviki prepared him (Westbrook and technically, although the team moved in six days), and here he played his first season, before David Stern took hostage the city and allowed Kliyu Bennett steal team. It was not as Kalta moved in the middle of the night, and even Brown turned into a raven, but it was close.

You know, who I do not even remember? Seattle. This should be their team, their playoff runs, their arrows at the parade.

But, despite his public promises to keep the team in Seattle, villain-comb Clay Bennett was never going to do anything, except for the back to Oklahoma City, and have letters to prove it. David Stern does not matter anyway. Seattle, which is still paying the arena Sonic restored in less than 15 years earlier, and the voters are a little strained to build a new one.

As a greedy bastard, he was, Stern made the city an example and allowed Bennett to take a team from the 14th-largest market in the country and go to the 45th.

It was shocking.

But it worked. Ask Clippers. And chargers.

That's why it's funny to me when the fans feel somehow embarrassed or start talking about honesty.

YOU years. What are you waiting for?

Shut up. It sucks. You and your unreliable franchise deserve to have dropped, you rascals. You deserve to lose. Forever. Or, at least, until the team Clay Bennett or his heirs. I am delighted that Kevin Durant spoil Azad, and I am even more pleased that he has won elsewhere. I am glad that he rubs his face, and I hope that this year's James Harden, a guy who dumped you, destroy your dreams.

Sorry Thunder supporters, but possible, Curse of Clay Bennett will live forever.

Long live the SuperSonics.

Ah, but it's Thanksgiving, so let it end on a high note.

This year, I am grateful for many reasons. I am grateful to the Philadelphia sports fan, where for the foreseeable future, I'll have to infiltrate Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, Carson Corolla and Dash Hoskins. I am grateful that he had never worked on Charlie Rose. I am grateful to my team, which did not become cheap and signed Blair Walsh. I am grateful to my beautiful wife and child, who are ready today & # 39 appears ( "Embiid" – great name for a boy or a girl, huh?) I am grateful that I live in a 3,000 miles from his family & # 39; and whose policies I avoid on Facebook, so I do not need to try and explain that "SAD!" not from the & # 39 it is a political position, or that's never fun ANTEMU before I can & # 39; eat cake. I am grateful to have met with the Guru and the team behind the scenes who helped the whole thing from the ground.

And of course, I thank you, listeners and readers.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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Help! I'm looking for an IT-service Oklahoma City with a proven track record


Why your business needs to use managed IT services in Oklahoma City

As a growing business, you need to focus on how you can grow a customer base, and not always manage technical problems. Managed IT Services – a great way to do it, and all the small business owners should take advantage of them. Thanks to Managed Services, you can pass all the technical services, and other problems in the field of IT team afsaydavyh specialists. This means that you get expert service without the cost of your IT staff. Easton Technology provides IT services to Oklahoma City. That's why you should invest in managed IT services to help your business grow continuously.

Many failures on a server

Server failures and other simple technology can be very harmful to your business, and should be avoided at all costs. Every time your server goes down, you can lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the product mix. 98% of companies say that only an hour of downtime can cost them $ 100 000. It can also lead to the fact that customers are angry at you, because they do not have access to the services they need. Finally, server failures also create extremely complex products for employees, because they do not have access to the necessary tools. With managed IT services, you have a team of professionals, to avoid disruptions on the server and to start to work and work immediately when the problem occurred.

24/7 Support

You always can not control when you need IT support, so IT companies OKC offer customer support 24/7. No matter if you need help, there is someone who can answer questions and provide technical support. This gives you invaluable peace that you need in solving many of the problems associated with doing business.

Technology that fits your needs

Not every business is the same, which means that you should not have the same technology as that of any other business. Your Managed IT Services in Oklahoma City can help you determine what hardware and software solutions will be most important to your business. The goal is to create a streamlined solution that is convenient for you and the staff. Professional IT team will help you to choose technology designed for your industry, and that will be directly useful to achieve your goals.

friendly budget

Another reason that many small businesses are turning to IT services to manage their technology, it is because they are very comfortable in the budget. The presence in the IT service desk on your payroll full-time may be quite expensive, and only one or two people can cope with all the problems in the IT sector, which occur in the company. Managed IT services charge a fee for the service, depending on what services they will provide, and you can set your technology package, to ensure that everything meets your budget. This will free up financial resources to go towards other things that are very important for growing companies.

Proactive software update

One of the most important parts to upgrade your technology – the belief that every program that you use, gets the necessary updates and patches as needed. However, to make it very hard to remember yourself, especially if you juggle with other problems that are doing business together. If you have a team that will manage all your IT, they will be systematically plan your upgrade, make sure that you are working with the latest version of all your technology. This can have a huge difference in the overall success of your business.

Industry expertise

Another wonderful reason to invest in managed IT services – is the fact that IT companies OKC has the best technology experts. Every time you need help with equipment or software specialist will be available to help you and you will get the best service. One of the major benefits of working with an outsourcing company and not just a small team of its own technical staff, with the & # 39 is that you will have access to a number of IT experts. This means that if one person knows the answer to the technological question, someone else definitely be able to help.

It grows with you

If you mashtabuetse your business, you need a company that can grow with you. Managed IT services are working with a broad range of companies of all sizes. This means that as your company grows, they can set up your technology package to support the changing needs. You can invest in more sophisticated technology, if you want, but you can also change the scale back when you feel the decline. With the growth of your clients will be amazed by your use of the technology and the overall performance of your company. There's no limit to what you can do if you have the proper resources.

More efficient use of resources

Finally, managed IT services allow much more efficient use of your existing resources. Your employee is hard to do everything and to think about the broad picture when they constantly have to deal with IT problems in the working days. If IT is fully provided, your employees can use these more advanced technology to be more productive. They will also have more time to think creatively and to expand your business offer that is so important to the overall growth.

Now is the time to get to work with managed IT services. No matter how small your company is, you can always use a professional IT services. Our world is increasingly focused on technology, which means that you will be more successful if you have a simplified, efficient software systems. Professional IT team will help you achieve your goals and reduce stress – without removing your budget. Please Easton Technology Company today to learn more about our IT services companies like Oklahoma City.