Brands, lifestyle and complications for consumers


In the era of advertising is rapidly tuned humor, colorful visual effects and memorable mascots companies must constantly compete with each other for the quality and originality of its products. It happened in a conversation I recently had with the marketer, who asked to remain anonymous. Specific advertising in question was a recent thematic clip Taco Bell. In this commercial representative of Taco Bell jokes that it is shameful that a graduate has a degree of art. Although incredibly productive to hold a grudge against the corporation, many people express their discontent and anger because of this TV commercial, which is played on the Internet, on television and in the movies. What exactly is the problem here? In addition, that Taco Bell seems to have alienated one of his biggest clients (students of liberal arts at the age), it seems that the attitude of consumers and companies have become too personal. Brands increasingly involve themselves in the life of customers, and if it is good for businesses, it requires a great deal of responsibility on the part of the advertiser, not to step on your toes, and underestimate the intelligence of the consumer.

Deborah Vaynsvig (2016) notes increases with & # 39; waking in branding, explaining how brands go beyond the scope of the product and become the personal experience and identity. Weinswig writes: "The most successful brands to tell stories that consumers try to hear and be a part of, which usually goes far beyond what the brand actually sells, and removed more experience." My friend, who for fifteen years running businesses in the area of ​​Oklahoma City, dissected the problem, stressing that the new commercials are becoming less about selling product and more about selling lifestyle. Although it is certainly not new to & # 39; reality, but with popular nationwide networks is increasingly evolving from the & # 39; reality. Already there is widespread recognition of the brand networks such as Taco Bell, who call on their loyal customers to enjoy a way of life "Live Màs". Brands such as Taco Bell, Arby & # 39; s, Totino & # 39; s, Wendy & Mcdonald, McDonald & Coke have a greater presence in social media, where they create content, whether funny, pointy or information. Almost all the time. Rather than fight for the interest in their products, companies today are struggling for attention, creating funny and shocking content to associate their brand with various aspects of the life and identity of the customer.

If there is any danger, for the customer, not the company. Though Taco Bell may have pushed a few regular customers, reflecting the students of art, they are not likely to see a significant drop in profits, despite the rage in social media. From a marketing point of view, the modern scheme of advertising through comedy and personal point of sale, whether it's on the TV lounge or a potential customer on Twitter channel useful for the business. We thought that the problem boils down to how we Sur & # 39; ozna perceive our customers as consumers. While large corporations do ridiculous and exaggerated commercials that can cause disturbance pakruchvanne eyes and headache, consumers should be careful not to fall into the "lifestyle" brand. Despite the fact that life has become easier and more enjoyable chains and franchises, consumers should be careful not to confuse the clever marketing ploys, which put more effort into swinging public opinion through the flashing and aesthetics than on product quality.

Deborah Vaynsvig. 2016. Or & # 39 are lifestyle brands to squeeze a luxury? Forbes Internet.

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Breast reduction and now you want to increase? This Isn & # 39; t var & # 39; ny


Years ago, you had an operation for breast reduction, but things have changed: the older you are, perhaps, your weight has grown up and down, a pregnancy or two, and some breast-feeding can all lead to the fact that the breast over time, lose their youthful appearance. But if you had a reduction in previously, you can do something now? The answer may well be so. Of course, only your plastic surgeon can tell for sure, but it does not hurt to consider possible options that may be available.

Surgical breast intervention – a procedure in which excess fat, tissue and skin are removed from the breast. Decided to reduce the breast – a very personal decision, but it often means not only health and appearance. Chest, which is disproportionately large, can cause back problems and posture, as well as with all the activities around Oklahoma City that require a lot of movement, could be more than a little uncomfortable to participate. Even the best surgery to reduce the breast will not remain the same as a woman ages, so you can again ask yourself, plastic surgery again for you.

Differences of weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and simple gravity to the & # 39 are the main culprits in causing breast tug once. If they just sag under the & # 39; breast volume can become all that you want. Removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue, it raises and changes in the breast a younger form. If your halo increases with time, it can also be reduced during the operation, because it, too, is changing.

In this case, lifting the chest will not help make your breasts full and more. If they were "sent down" and you want them to be a bit more filled in, then you may want to consider breast augmentation in addition to the rise of the chest. If you have had surgery before, scarring can not even on the breast to be a problem because you can use them for new cuts, and not to create additional scars. Your doctor can also tell you that you may not even need a breast lift for earlier breast reduction surgery, and just a small implant that will help fill the lost of & # 39; volume in the breast skin, will provide the kind that you want to return.

Once you and your plastic surgeon can decide what is best for you and what the reasonable expectations of what you can expect from any potential transaction.


Seasonal allergies can be debilitating


Beating heart there is so pure, so clean any light that do not suffer from allergies? Few completely avoids the unpleasant sensations that are allergic to this or that, with the list of allergens is growing. For most it is just a nuisance, but for many others it is exhausting.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from at least one form of allergy. This applies to one person out of six combat the disease almost all year round. It was the sixth cause of chronic disease in the United States, and the treatment cost is staggering. Each year, Americans pay more than $ 18 billion, seeking cures and treatments. Most never cured and must be satisfied with the relief of symptoms.

It has become a common sight when people abolish the lawn or doing other work on the street. Usually, these people suffer from pollen or allergies. You can run but not hide, because the pollen necessary for the continuation of life.

Many people moved to another part of the country, in order to avoid their particular wine allergies. Usually it's just a matter of time until the new house you have not developed any allergy. As you can imagine, a city in the south and the Midwest part of the top ten allergy capitals in the United States. These include the Dallas / Fort Worth, Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

Seasonal allergies can mildly affect you or be so serious & # 39; oznay you exhausted to such an extent that you can not work and do your job. Many athletes never reach their peak because of allergies. Allergies caused by pollen and mold, usually there for three seasons, spring, summer and autumn, but can cause problems for a year. Various areas for some people more difficult than for others. In the southern states allergy can begin in January and continue until October.

Deficiency of allergies can come in the form of fatigue, sometimes caused by byassonnastsyu. Nasal congestion and difficulty breathing prevents you rest well, leading to more serious & # 39; oznyh problems when health is deteriorating.

Skin rashes and illness sometimes caused by allergies, but they are difficult to diagnose.

This may be caused by poor certain chemical reaction, which accidentally put in contact, either because of what you applied, for example, soap, shampoo or cosmetic. Skin allergies are usually contained in a small area, but sometimes spread throughout the body, causing you to miss work or pain, or embarrassment.

Allergies and their debilitating effects should be considered suras & # 39; ozna. So many people tend to act tough and say, "Oh, they are gone in a month or two." They can, but you can expect that allergy and discomfort will return next year at the same time. The earlier you diagnose the cause of the problem, the faster you simplify and return to a more normal lifestyle pleasant.


Treva Overview Compensation Plan


Trevo Compensation Plan was developed by Marc and Holly Stevens for Trevo LLC, which is a & # 39 is a new network marketing company, which began in February 2010 and is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Trevo – is a liquid nutritional supplement, the reported benefits of energy, weight management and health of the cardiovascular system and is a simple overview of the compensation plan and business opportunities.

Trevo Compensation Plan – is the identity matrix system, which means that you can benefit from dystryb & # 39; yutarav, who will join the company after you. There are many ways to become a distributor of the acquisition of 25 base amounts to $ 1,200 Elite Executive Start Start System. You need to maintain a monthly auto repair order to stay active and get paid by the company. There are eight ways to make money, including retail sales, commissions, and bonuses for leadership. The compensation plan provides for a 40% commission, since the prevailing pakupnikovay price of $ 50 per bottle, which is $ 20 and Elite systems run on electricity price of $ 1200, and the commission is 480 USD. paid to the registrar at the level of Power Start at $ 150 per case of 3 bottles of the product, which give a commission of $ 12 Elite Executive Power Start System for $ 1,200 for 8 cases of product brings a fee of 96 dollars. For a successful stay would require significant product and / or a set of distributors.

Trevo, which from the & # 39 is the main product formed from natural additives with land and sea and claims that includes 174 species such nutrient preparations, such as super foliage, fruit and ASIP coral calcium. This PH balanced, 100% vegetarian and kosher, and is beneficial for those who are under the age of two or older.

Although the compensation plan and product Trevo Trevo seem possible, it is still a network marketing. Business opportunities in this area have a high level of wear and to avoid failure, a person must comply with proper care and understand that all possibilities of network marketing, multi-level and affiliate marketing requires a lot of effort. You need to acquire knowledge in platforms for traffic management, such as article and video marketing, reliable and teacher optimism to help them achieve success.


fear the beard


For those of you who regularly watches the NBA, you're probably familiar with the bearded Streltsov, known as James Harden. Currently Harden from the & # 39 is one of the top scorers in the league, and probably more known for his thick beard, among other things. But it does not mean that the guy can not play, because he has shown that he belongs to the elite players in the league, especially with the way he played this season.

When he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Harden came off the bench, where he was a solid member. Last season he won six awards of the Man of the Year [NBA], an average of 16.8 per thousand. This was already a sign of how Harden has improved over the years, and prior to the beginning of the season 2012-2013, he signed with X & # 39; Euston missiles as a free agent.

That missile average rating of Gardena have improved in leaps and abroad. In the debut game for X & # 39; Euston, he scored 37 points and snatched 12 rebounds. In doing so he became the X & # 39 first players; Euston to 37/12 after Olazhuvona Hakem, who did it in the 1994-1995 season. While Harden turned zhunglyatam offensive missile. His deadly arrow at three points, combined with his ability to drive a car and to finish on the basket made it one of the tougher players who have to guard in the NBA.

He is also able to create a game for his teammates, but this season by an average of 5.7 APG. Gardena ability to kill from anywhere on the floor makes the team constantly doubling it, which allows more opportunities for his teammates. In addition to its passage clogging and, as with & Harden # 39 is a very strong reflector on average just under 5 rebounds for output.

Harden also broke the record for most rocket consecutive games with at least 25 points after he went on the 14th games. This record was previously held by the legendary Moses Malone. To add your breakthrough year, Harden was named a reserve for the All-Star Game in 2013.

After completion of the All-Star break, the Rockets Hardy will meet with his former Thunder team. It is here that the Garden would set a new car & # 39; a career with 46 points, including 7 of 8 from the city center. If Harden continues to stay healthy in the X & # 39; Euston is a bright future ahead, and in the rest of the NBA will have more reason to fear the beard.


Famous basketball stadiums – Alamodome


You've seen the game on TV, and maybe you've even been on a professional NBA basketball game on one or more sites that they use. But you have always been interested in the history of some of the more well-known stadiums used by the NBA. A lot of them, it is difficult to choose only a few of which you can talk, but this article will give you a good start.

Alamodoma in San Antonio opened May 15, 1993, and although it is a multifunctional of the & # 39; an object, it has been known house San Antonio Spurs, before they moved to the AT & T Center after the 2001-02 season. They played nine seasons for $ 186 million. In the configuration of the arena stadium about 20,600, but the seating position can be increased up to 36 500 spectators. Alamodome includes 38 luxury suites and 6,000 club seats for. The only Spurs – the only professional sports team in San Antonio.

Is not it strange that the "San Antonio Spurs" such a successful team? Starting from the days when they were the Twin Towers, to the Manu and Tony Parker. They continue to reset and improve. Stadiums bring great support and supporters, in turn, bring a great team.


Biography Gerald Flur


Gerald Flour with & # 39 is a general shepherd of Philadelphia Church of God and editor in chief of the magazine "News pipes", he began to publish in 1990. He is also the founder and chairman of the International Cultural Foundation Armstrong, known for its cultural, charitable and humanitarian foundation. activities and the founder and chancellor of Herbert Armstrong College in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Gerald Flour – a native of Oklahoma, who was born in Oklahoma City in 1935, his father, Clarence (died 1977) and Zhyzi (died 1997). He married Barbara Jean Braver September 5, 1964, and they had two children, Laura and Steven. Barbara Flurry died in 2004 after suffering a stroke.

Gerald Flur joined God's worldwide church (WCG) in 1960 and graduated from Ambassador College in Pasadena, California, in 1970. Then he worked in the editorial department of the church and wrote for the Plain Truth magazine before being appointed minister in 1973.

Over 35 years, he remains in the ministry full-time. Mr. Flury served as a pastor in the Church of Our Lady of the World, while the church has not abandoned its founder, Herbert Armstrong and his teachings after his death in 1986.

Noticing the change in the doctrine of the church from the teachings of Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Fluri plunged into an intensive study of the Bible to find the cause of infidelity, which he witnessed. The result is a manuscript called The message of Malachi to God's Church today. Originally written in the spring of 1989, when a new trend worldwide Church of God for many of its members was not very receptive, the book was primarily intended to prevent the WCG service that is really happening, and secondly, to warn the membership in the Church. If you book early draft was communicated to the WCG leadership in Pasadena, California, Gerald Fluri and his assistant John Emas he was dismissed from WCG ministers. December 7, 1989 in Edmond, Oklahoma, Mr. Fluri immediately founded the Philadelphia Church of God.

After the Worldwide Church of God has stopped printing Armstrong's literature, and existing stocks of his major works have been exhausted, Mr. Fluri has successfully defended the Philadelphia Church of God's right to the publication and free distribution of 19 of his works, the resulting six-year legal battle against the WCG, tried to use copyright to the book to avoid printing them.

Gerald Flury visited more than 20 countries in such critical areas as the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and Asia, meeting with key international news analysts. He & # 39; is the author of over 30 books, including The Message of Malachi to God's Church today, "The vision of something & # 39; and God" and "the last hour."

As the leading TV "David Key" program, which he launched in 1993, Gerald Fluri examines world events in the light of biblical prophecy and announces the imminent return of Jesus Christ to the Earth – to save mankind alive and bring to life a peaceful, happy, wonderful world tomorrow. By translating, printing and personal appearances, he also prophesies again in the tradition of Herbert Armstrong, pratsvyarozae warning of unprecedented world trouble just ahead that will precede the second coming of Christ.


Five of the best doctors in the fight against pain in the US


Pain management – is the medical field, which is involved in the management of short-term or long-term pain. Usually these types of doctors and medical personnel will be working in hospitals or clinics for the treatment of patients who have a long-term problem after surgery or other medical problems. Many facilities specialize in the treatment of elderly patients or patients with chronic injuries.

Some types of diseases that can be treated by means of treating pain with the & # 39 is an autoimmune disease. Some of them, such as miesteniya, lupus and others bring with them the inevitable onset of pain that will last for all diseases. Other diseases that can have complications with pain include diabetes, or problems that arise as a result of accidents. A car accident, and especially sports injuries can lead to mobility problems. These problems, even if cured, can have pain that lasts a long time. With this pain, if properly treated, it can be combated. Of course, the problem is finding a doctor who is able to resolve the problems arising with the pain.

Five doctors to combat pain

Finding a good physician can be challenging, especially for those who specializes in pain management. To make it a little easier, here are five of the first doctors in the fight against pain in the United States:

• Aji K. Adlaka, MD – doctor K. outlived Adlaka Adlaka work for employees to control pain in Crown Point, Indiana. He is the medical director of the institution. His professional interests include spine, treatment of pain (chronic and acute), and pain in the neck. Dr. Adlaka also performed with the American Society of doctors in the intervention as an instructor.

• Donald Adams, MD – Dr. Adams is working with the health network OSSO in Oklahoma City. His specialization – sports and orthopedic science. His training includes a scholarship in the area of ​​pain management at Baylor University Medical Center in X & # 39; Euston, Texas.

• Sairam Atlury, MD – doctor Sairam Atlury Atlury manages Tri-State Spine Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is also a & # 39; is the author of the recommendations on the use of opioids for pain. It is also a & # 39; is the author of (secondary) some recommendations on vmyashalnay therapy for low back pain. His medical degree from the Medical College Asmanov in India, and the residence – at University Hospital in Cincinnati.

• Carl Balog, MD – Dr. Balogh works in Oregon Partner of pain in Portland, Oregon. His interest in chronic and acute pain. It is also a & # 39; is a member of the American Society of International pain.

• Uday Bhat, MD – doctor Wendy Bhat with & # 39; is the founder and director of the spine and pain in New Jersey. His degree earned his medical degree at the University of Ahmedabad in India, and he was involved in the grant of pain management at the Medical Center SUNY in Brooklyn, New York.

Regardless of the type of pain, doctors for the treatment of pain – this is the way. Any of these five physicians will be able to cope with any chronic pain.


How to choose the best type of roof for your home


When choosing a roof from Oklahoma, you need a company that knows the right type of roofing material, to comply with the conditions out & # 39; I am for your location. Here are the most common types of roofing materials and how they will resist weather & # 39; u Oklahoma.

residential roofing

an asphalt

Asphalt shingles – the most popular roofing material because they are inexpensive and very durable. Although they will hold on to the bad weather in Oklahoma, asphalt granules, which forced them to work long and do not harm the environment. You can invest in longer-term and more environmentally friendly roof.


Fiberglass is similar to asphalt, with the exception of a felt base is used in asphalt shingles, fiberglass replaced by inorganic, which makes them extremely durable and resistant to fire and rot. They are relatively inexpensive, but the impact on the environment is high, so consider other materials, if you are looking for a house that is a & # 39 is environmentally friendly.


Any dahlinets Oklahoma will tell you that the tile – this roofing material that last longer with only minimal maintenance. And clay and concrete tiles are very durable, resistant to fire and rot, and come in different colors. Tiled roofs require little maintenance, but installation of complex and must be done by a professional only. Tile is also very heavy, so they should be used on buildings or houses with good structural integrity. Roof tiles ideal for home in Oklahoma, if you can afford it.


Slate with & # 39 is another long lasting and durable material, but its weight – sur & # 39; oznae fall. In addition, the slate can withstand very heavy, so heavy snow or ice can lead to cracking of the roof. Owners must be prepared to perform frequent maintenance and cleaning of the roof slate.

wood shake

Wood shakes are usually made of cedar and must be professionally installed and well maintained, if you want them to last. Cocktails provide good insulation, but the rot and fire and is usually more expensive than other materials. If you do not plan on spending a lot of time for treatment and maintenance of the roof, cedarwood route may not be the best choice for you.

commercial roof

metal roof

As slate and tile, metal roofing has an unparalleled ability to withstand the elements. Metal roofing is also available in a large number of styles and colors, making it a versatile choice of the roof.

flat roofs

Flat roofs are very common for commercial buildings warehouse. The main drawback with & # 39 is the tendency of the water basin, so when looking for a roofing company in Oklahoma, make sure that you find one who knows the rainy model and sets the roof respectively.

part of the roof

Composite roof commonly found in retail stores, banks and other business structures of the high-end. They are more attractive than flat or metal roofing, and with the right setting provides greater protection against weather & # 39; I.

Explore a variety of roof specialists, compare prices and products, and read the reviews of past customers. It's a little extra work, but choosing ashalyashnik of Oklahoma, you can trust, save your time and money in the long run.


The chemicals found in tap water – you will be shocked by this list, but learn how to block them.


At this time, there is a lot of talk about the amount of dangerous chemical substances in the tap water, which have been processed & # 39; urban water supply authorities, and the way home filtered water from the tap, is not always safe.

Well, there are two things I would say about the chemical substances found in tap water.

First, millions of us do n & # 39; are chemically contaminated water, and it does not matter if we live in a large metropolitan areas or in small rural towns.

The fact that in a recent study of tap water in 62 major urban centers, 24 of them were contaminated with pharmaceuticals. Medications designed to stop seizures and mood stabilization, antibiotics and hormones, and many of these drugs are regularly found in the drinking water of more than 40 million Americans.

Then there chemicals industry and science, such as chloro, bromo, disinfectants acting on Industry, benzene, industrial solvents, pesticides and herbicides, causing cancer, perchlorate, which affects the thyroid gland and distorts physical development, and many others. The tap water are chemicals.

The worst part is that city officials often do not check for the presence of chemicals and medicines. Although the drugs were found in the watersheds that provide the city of Oklahoma and Santa Clara, for example, officials in the two cities do not check them. This shocking flaw manifests itself in many other services for water purification throughout the country.

New York is particularly concerned. Department of Health and the USGS found that water in the catchment area of ​​New York has the following concentrations of heart medicine, infection control, estrogen, anti-convulsive agents, mood stabilizers and tranquilizers, but water authorities insist that they comply with federal standards and their the water is safe. It is almost as if the chemicals found in tap water, do not start called called signaling.

Well how many prescription drugs in drinking water is necessary to make it dangerous? In the laboratory, you can expose male fish estrogen compounds in the parts per trillion, and turn them into females. the same experiments of Frankenstein mixed circulatory system, eyes and bubbles these fish. Even small traces of chemicals in tap water are dangerous.

How is it possible that the drugs and chemicals fell into the urban cleaning system?

Well, this is partly because they often use equipment that blocks only pollution from large molecular size than water. Because chemicals can have a smaller molecular size, they pass directly through the city filters. It is also partly because officials can avoid this because federal safety level is so weak as authorities say water treatment in New York.

The second thing I would note is that the filtered tap water can remove the chemicals found in tap water, but not all filters with tap water will do it.

Here's a simple truth about what makes a good filter for water home water – need a system, a set of filters.

You do not need an expensive and wasteful consumer version of reverse osmosis equipment, so popular in large urban wastewater treatment plants. They do not work there, and they do not work in your home. In addition, these systems remove asmasu healthy, natural trace elements in the water, and which are so important for your health. Do not waste your money on reverse osmosis.

Instead, you just need a relatively inexpensive set of hard-working filters. One that uses a granular activated carbon for its filter, one that has a resin and a multimedia unit, and the one that stops Submicron particles. You can also include ion exchange, to take on the leaders, if this is a problem in the pipes of your society and to balance the minerals in your water supply. But even with all of these things you are looking for a modest price is less than a couple of hundred dollars.

And for that, you get peace of mind in a city where tap water has chemicals.

Now that you know this, I recommend you go and find affordable, effective filter system for water supply for the house. Look online for a reliable manufacturer. (You & # 39; you can start again to look with my own website, where there is a lot of useful information about the chemical substances found in tap water.) If you do this, try to bypass retailers and save money by going directly to the people who make a good water filter.