BOO! Simon Plaster – it's awful good reading

[ad_1] BOO! Simon Plaster, showing the actors of the individual and humorously twisted characters this side of Oklahoma City, with his memorable hero-woman, a reporter for a small town, which was great, Genryetta may simply be one of the authors of & # 39; entertainment and LOL is no novels. In his last novel "BOO!", […]

The American Banjo Museum

[ad_1] American Banjo Museum, which will soon be moving into an entertainment quarter Bryktaun in downtown Oklahoma City is now located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and was founded by Brady Hunt and Jack Kening in 1998. Banjo – a four-stringed instrument that has developed over 350 years in America. jetblue American Banjo Museum seeks to promote […]

Brief Introduction of buyers & # 39; Paradise – Crossroads Malls in Oklahoma City

[ad_1] Crossroads Shopping Center in Oklahoma City OKC is considered the main attraction of the southern borders. The shopping center, which covers an area of ​​over one million square feet, is located more than fifty shops, various food outlets, theaters, children's play areas and various other amenities. All this makes the shopping center Crossroads, OKC […]

OK City Zoo Amphitheater

[ad_1] Amphitheater OK City Zoo – it's live music and is part of the Oklahoma City Zoo, the oldest in the south-west. Zoo offers a lot of hobbies and kids and adults alike. One of the main attractions of downtown Oklahoma City, the zoo presents a large number of exotic species and more than 100 […]

 Дзяржаўная кірмаш-арэна Аклахома

[ad_1] Дзяржаўная кірмаш-арэна Аклахома, штат Аклахома-Сіці – гэта шматмэтавая арэна, размешчаная на дзяржаўных кірмашах штата Аклахома. Таксама называецца "Вялікі дом", арэна можа змясціць 10 944 чалавекі і з'яўляецца трэцяй па велічыні шматмэтавай арэнай, якая належыць Аклахома-Сіці пасля Цэнтра Форда і арэны Какс-цэнтра. Адчыніўшыся, будынак меў самы вялікі дах такога кшталту ў свеце і быў названы […]

Arts Festival in Oklahoma City

[ad_1] Art Festival in Oklahoma City – a great opportunity for people of all ages to draw his senses in an exciting festival experience. The event offers a unique pleasure with a rich combination of visual, performing and culinary arts and cultures from all over the nation. Many live performances staged at this point, add […]

Skating Braum in Oklahoma City

[ad_1] Winter brings with it numerous opportunities for fun and entertainment for everyone. If you are looking for winter training in Oklahoma City, Braum, a skating rink in front of the music hall Civic Center, the city center – the best place to visit. Gripping features skating Braum It is said that the platform 62 […]

Oklahoma City deserves loss – Live Sonic

[ad_1] Funny to watch Oklahoma City fans are happy when Kevin Durant comes to town. On Wednesday, the Warriors Golden State in the evening found a way to MidFirst Bank arena and, as it was last year, Believer Thunder took to CD and Twitter account to a healthier range of prisms, ridicule and signs that […]