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We're back from the 2005 nationals, held in Oklahoma City. We are, as usual, only competed in the Open Halter Events. Our records 7 and 8 July were excommunication fry otuchivaniya mares, perennial and biennial mares mares. We won the big class forty. These classes represent the culmination of the best programs on breeding, built on the maximum force of horsemen and women since the conception of this breed. These horses are proud to carry the torch of inspiration and genetics in the future as a species.

Not all rehearse their losses. Embarrassed that it was worthy. Our self-confident idiocy made us crucify two years of mares. We had the gall to enter the high, maiden mare with a beautiful head, but without the muscle and neck! (We left grand champions and national champions mares like Awe Shauntae, illustrated by Terry Sartana home for this class.) They defeated the fire of us, with a lot of very good mares. Alas, Monte Horn Neuve main burden – unfortunately many – because of its envious position and prestige in other breeds. For those who scoffs, "It's all politics in open halaternyh classes on big shows," this class proved that you better have a good, and they fit better under their gaze.

It was the debut of Monte Horn and his pretty wife Anna in our Appaloosa "Nationals". Both he and his wife of several generations of riders. Monte showed a lot of colors, Palomino and quarter horses at their championships at various congresses and breeds in the world. He stands in the Ice Age (the December cover chronicles), among many others at Heck Yeah Ranch here in Mississippi. It is also suitable Mega Fella, which is a & # 39 is a favorite of the open two-year stallion Palamino, which he will present this week. (P313-320 chronicle of July / August). We have chosen as the sole risk of "the prevailing image of" this year. He – a transaction in Heck. He – the AQHA stud, like the fact that it costs a lot more than 700 thousand dollars, which he is reported to have sold. We bred Awe Lure, our manufacturer of snow caps Phenomenique him.

In a large and ill-class, which was about fourteen, won the open national champion subtract Aslan was a huge chestnut tree with white hairs. He was about four to six centimeters taller than any of Aslan in the classroom. Both our strike Awe Striker are tied to the reserve champion of the country. They were both a three- and four-year maiden mares. Judge "call" chose fear Tan. He davgaveki, pretty deep chestnut colt with a big blanket. It was presented by Tim Finkenbinderam, which debuted in Appaloosa breed in 2003. In the world, we agreed that he was our "Dynamic Kid to A Te" on his first world championship in the two-year stallion Open Class, as well as he leads our maid in a terrible world champion reserve to repel open mares. This citizens in 2005, it was a three-year fenomenik (first foals … the first foal), whose beautiful, halo, which was tied to the provision of the national champion in the open disconnected. This double educator Awe Striker "Awe Phen Awe Sum" was awarded to Monte horns for the third place to be proud of.

Open filly "Awe Foxy Deelite" and open a whim "Maid Awe Sum" (full sister of the world's reserve Awe Sum Maid and outdoor national champion to disable submitted by our long-term friend and coach Terry Sartayn high level) national winners. Classes were huge and some are heavy, more than fifteen to twenty-five competing horses. Many thanks to Tim and Monte for the excellent presentation and Anna for all her great preparatory work.

All these moves, demonstrates builds barns and houses, buldozits forest to pasture, trying to build signals for the pool, took his involvement in the poor Bob. It also provides all the arrows and calls all the shots here on the ranch! We only come with the help of the ranch, and that's all right with these horses like Awe Sum Maid, and foal Orlando House, which we have called Mr All Inclusive. Last year, he was a unanimous champion of open world for reflection both of these beautiful animals, presented by Terry Sartana.

Moving to a new place is beautiful. We are conveniently located just two quarters of a mile south of exit 18 to Highway 78 for one thousand five hundred ninety-four Victoria Rd. (Nice call him). We just south of Memphis, in Byhal, Mississippi. Maybe we can help some of you to achieve more "victories" in the show ring or your breeding program, using a mare Meccio or content. Come see some of our past winners and their pregnant mother to pasture. Eleven displayed on Dynamic Kid To a Te and several other top stallions, including Awe Striker. Next year will be thirty-one foals. We have sixty-five goals, including five foals that you can choose from. This is the best time to choose a few. We are on the shorter, recently zadramanyh areas. Because of this, we reduce the price.

One piece for some of you think, how do we Halter Breeders like the new Non-Halter … "Halter Classes" like "Hunter In Hand" and other non-leading halatery … Leading halter-sireyskiya event! I would also like to share some nutritional secrets that your vet probably do not even know – because they are very important!

It's all right now!

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