Do not join "Liquid Power" to the new MLM Trevo, before you read this review!

I just looked at and found another MLM juice called Trevo. You can search to join Trevo or simply enjoy reading reviews of MLM (?). In any case, as I always do, I would like to provide you with a & # 39 objective expert Trevo Review, so you can have all the facts before jumping to the head. I covered the review of the company, compensation plan, products and marketing strategies. Read on …

The company Trevo
Trevo – this is a new MLM to Oklahoma City, and it is established by a team of spouses Mark and Holly Stevens. Although it seems that it is the first company that Stevens & # 39; which possess, they boast more than 16 years experience in MLM. Treva wants his representatives had "full flowering", which includes a balanced life spiritual, emotional, physical and financial prosperity. I could not find much information on the network, in addition to the company's Web site, and it seems, Trevo just launched November 1, 2010.

Treva "Liquid"
The site notes that Trevo – is not just another fruit drink, and just another multyvitamin. In the world of drinks with sugar, drinks with sugar and caffeine-saturated energy shots, Trevo is alone as a complete health system in one bottle. Contains 174 beautiful nutritional ingredients from around the world, Trevo unlike any other dietary supplement, which you will find on the market. This beautiful formula gives you and your family & # 39; and a fast, delicious and easy way to recover, refresh and revitalize your body.

How much is "Trevo" to join
There are 5 levels to join Trevo as a customer, from electricity system start from $ 150 to elite system startup electric power in 1200 dollars. Trevo Each bottle costs $ 50, so you get 24 bottles of accession to the highest level. . Monthly car ship is between 45 and 210 dollars.

Treva compensation plan
The site says that you can pay 8 ways. linear compensation plan, you pay for all those who will join the company after you. In addition, you get the money for the sale of a product, leadership bonuses and a & # 39; the amount of the sales team. They say that selling a bottle a day, you will be able to earn an income of 10 thousand dollars per month within 90 days. I'm sure this is possible, but for most it is not likely. If you say it does not seem to Treva – it is a scam.

Marketing your Trevo Business
I have to say that they look better than many companies for online marketing. Your office provides a capture page top, replikavany site, e-mail messages with voice mail and contacts management. If you say nice to have these tools, but if you do not know how to market your site, no one will ever see! I talk to the pay-per-click advertising, social media, free search engine traffic, and the like. Building your business in Trevo, like any MLM, – a digital game. And, you must have a sales funnel that will allow you to earn from 95% + of people who will become your leaders, but did not want to join your business Trevo. This is a key strategy for online success.