Useful tips for buying a basketball hoop

New basketball hoop – a fun application for your home. This will allow your friends and family to play sports, playing an exciting game of basketball. Hoop – it is an investment that needs to be carefully considered in order to meet your budget and situation. Here are some features that should be considered.

Portable or permanent

The decision to make permanent the hoop or not depends on your needs. If you do not have a lot of space and you have to move the hoop, you may want to consider a portable solution. To do this, you may need help from an adult, because the hoops are usually weighed down to avoid tipping. This is not a perfect solution for teenagers who like to wet the ball, as there is less rigidity. Also, if you live in an area prone to strong winds, the risk of damage to the hoop.

If there is a place that will always be used for basketball, you might want to consider a permanent installation. The more popular brands allow the rebels to get solutions, where the anchor bolts are fixed to the ground, and the pillar is fixed from above. It is more desirable than post dive into the ground, which requires a lot of labor to disassemble.


Usually, most of the boards can be adjusted pen. Read the reviews about how easy it is to adjust the board to the hoop, because some may need help from an adult. Smaller children will be able to shoot the ball 6 to 8 feet. Children older than 9 years old can play at a height of 10 feet regulation.

detachable rim

It simply means that the rim will bend when the teenager makes envious jam jam. This feature prevents to the rim or plate not bent and the harm caused. This is a good option to consider if the family & # 39; and a lot of basketball fans who love to recreate highlights of the NBA.


Kind of material on the panels can affect your budget as polycarbonate and acrylic, as a rule, cheaper, and more expensive than toughened glass. Polycarbonate and acrylic are clear and provide some rigidity. Tempered glass is a high quality, which ensures the best rebounds.

As you increase the size of the shield, as well as cost. Most boards ranges from 32 to 72 inches massive. I recommend to keep the size in the range of 50 to 60 inches. Larger size will provide more rebounds and less chasing balloons.

pole size

pole width is not so important for portable hoops, but & # 39 is a more important factor for permanent installations. As false panels, the greater width, the higher the hoop. Systems higher prices have poles of up to 5 inches. If you plan to have a rough game, consider the broader pole. Some columns may consist of two parts and are considered less durable, but will be more budget.

other tips

  • Look at the rusty coating on all metal parts
  • Consider options such as pads and pads
  • Long-term guarantees provide assurance