The Harlem Globetrotters: Unsung Heroes of Professional Basketball


If you look at the history of professional basketball, Harlem Globetrotters always gets a mention polite, but rarely what they deserve. Maybe this team is responsible for the promotion of professional basketball and the adoption of black players in professional basketball. This sounds like nonsense, but look at the history of the team it supports.

The growth of basketball in popularity as a spectator sport can be attributed to college basketball. Since the invention of the game Dr. James Naismith in 1891 until the Second World War, basketball basketball has become much more popular than professional basketball. If the Harlem Globetrotters played in this rest period in the history of professional basketball, the game may never have captured the attention of the public and would become a world sensation, which she is now.

Myths related to "Harlem globuetroterami" began almost with the creation of the team. The original team was not from Harlem, and not a "globe trot." It was established in Chicago, and all of the original players were on the south side of the city. "Harlem" has been added to the name, because he defined them as all-black team. Despite the fact that they have received fame as an exhibition team, they were first competitive team, and only find fault and demonstrated their dribbling skills, when they were a significant role in the game.

They became known as the clowns in basketball, but athleticism Haarlem glabatrotter was obvious from the outset. While early popularizers of basketball encouraged excessive violence on the site as a means to attract a crowd of people, the Globetrotters have attracted the following, demonstrating their abilities on the court. While many uninformed visitors often do not appreciate the level of skill of sports requirements of the basketball, globe-trottar & # 39; dribbling and shooting from the antics were not only crowds of cheering, but demonstration of the undeniable skill.

As a professional basketball team, they are the finest hour came in 1948, when they hit the Minneapolis Lakers in gudtsy, 61 – 59. This was one of the most important games in the history of basketball. Globetrotters & # 39; The victory over one of the best professional teams all white era proved that black athletes could suras & # 39; ozna compete against white athletes. Two years later, "Boston Seltyks" was Chuck Cooper and color bar & # 39; er in professional basketball has been finally overcome.

Ironically, while the Globetrotters are largely responsible for the recognition and acceptance of black basketball players, Cooper's success has been their fall as a professional team. More and more black players were attracted to all white professional teams and underfinanced Harlem Globetrotters harder attracts the best players in their ranks.

Harlem Globetrotters, never ordinary basketball team, has changed its focus from competitive basketball to the exhibition and found a solid niche in the history of the sport. Today, they & # 39 are the global with the & # 39; true and goodwill ambassadors. They played more than 25,000 games worldwide. While the original "GlobetrottersĀ» not like them, the title is now perfectly describes this wonderful team.