I passed through the terminal building at Denver International Airport when my attention was redirected – no matter how often it happens – a massage business. After checking my watch, I felt that I had enough time for a 20-minute massage chair.

I placed on a light gray vinyl chair and put her face in soft headrest. Masseur introduced. "I'm Lee," he said. "But you can call me saws."

Perhaps he had seen a cartoon character that floats above my head, seeming white bubble – "Saw?" – he went on to talk about themselves.

Ukapavshy thumbs in the back of the head, Saws explained that massage for him – this is a new line of work.

"Do you like it?" I asked, my words muffled soft face rest.

"Yes, madam," – he said, to find a small irritation to the ranch. "I meet interesting people, especially here at the airport. A few weeks ago I was massively lawyer Oklahoma City bomber. He walked to execution of his client." Saws paused, as if remembering the incident. "He was a little busy."

Although his comment demanded a sarcastic answer, I could not think of one fast. Instead, I asked Sawbones, it works only at the airport.

"No, madam. I also have an office in the complex actions."

"Complex and Exhibition Complex?"

"Yes, madam. This is because I have a different job. Cowboy hats to order."

Question mark cartoon again with & # 39; was. "Cowboy hats?"

"Yes, ma'am. I sell them grizzly Rose, country-western bar north of the city."

I breathed in the smell of massage oil razmarynovy and discuss whether you need to sell the saw for more information. As soon I hardly met another masseur-cowboy-hat, I asked, growing his massage business.

"Yes, madam. Look, I do, and horses."

"Horses?" – I asked, feeling that I suck conversational hole.

"So, madam. The horses love massage. Although they may be a trial."

"I pasprachayusya". On the massage table, I drew a blonde Palomino, which lies hooves.

If Saws kneaded my hands, he asked what I do for a living.

"I'm a writer," – I said. In fact, I did not say that, because just then Sabonav fingers pushed my head into the headrest making my answer more like "Imamifer".

Saws were unnoticed. "Really ?!" – he exclaimed. "I am also a writer!" He said it as if we met with distant cousins ​​at the genealogical conference. "I'm writing a script!"


"Yes, ma'am. Look, I am also speaking in the show" Wild West. "

The rabbit hole with each passing day it becomes deeper. "What are the things in your show?"

"Skirmishes. Such things. I have a friend who looks like Abraham Lincoln. It will be in our show tomorrow night."

Now I've never been so big in history, but never drew Abby Lincoln to a shootout, with the exception, of course, the incident at Ford's Theater. I wanted to ask Sabons as Abe took up his act when he pulled me behind my back and on my body, as if wearing a chicken. "Are you sure there are a few sites," – he said, pointing at my shoulder. I began to understand the zeal of their equine clients.

Soon, our 20 minutes are over, and Sawbones handed me his business card. "Massage", it read. "For the horses and people."

"Just for further reference", he added, "I also do home massage. It's only 50 bucks and I bring to your table, oil and wheels." I received a postcard friendly, even though I was quite sure that he would never pay a man named Saw him to take the oil and soft music in the house.

A week had passed since my meeting with the cowboy hat, wild west, show performer, masseur horses and people, and I can not get mad.

Now I know that there are people who can be found in Saw a little lower and rasfakusavanae. These people believe that Sawbones was drift, which has not found a true call. But I'm wise saws. It can work indoors or outside. He works with his hands and mind. It also has built-in security service. The bottom may fall out on the market cowboy hats, and saws still make it in the world.

In addition, Sawbones realized that many of us spend the whole car & # 39; career: how important it is to try new things. "Madam," he said, "I'm doing all these things because I promised myself that would never engage in a sad thing all day."

Many people I know say the same thing myself in one time or another. But the difference between Sawbones and most people is that he is not afraid to face new challenges, even if these problems are attracted to tense attorneys and horses. So think about Pila, the next time you encounter a new opportunity. Even if the work or project does not turn out the way you expected, you can get good food for conversation at the airport.

Copyright 2005 Balls Cadron.