Central region of Oklahoma – the best of the best fish fish


A little-known most fishermen, Oklahoma – great fish farmer fresh water. The state was divided into 5 regions, which include the Central region. Oklahoma Central region consists of a series of lakes that surround Oklahoma City, and include fishing economy: Arcadia, Draper, Hefner, Overlap, Stormbird and Wes Watkins. All of these fisheries is easily accessible from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Be sure to check the rules of fishing lakes in the city, because these lakes are rules.
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city ​​lakeLimits types and compliance Fishing zones, related to the city’s lakes, mean: Lake Hefner Lake Overholser and Lake Draper. In Oklahoma City there are also some fishing zones, which they attributed to “Close to Home”. For people aged between 16 and 61 years of fishing on the “urban lakes” and “close to home” is required for fishing permit and state fishing license to Oklahoma. . It made up of a series of lakes that surround the city of Oklahoma, and includes the following trades: Arcadia, Draper, Hefner, Superholer, Stormbird and Wes Watkins. All of these fisheries is easily accessible from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Be sure to check the rules of fishing lakes in the city, because these lakes are rules.
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“Close to Home” fishing areas specified joint between the city and Aklahomayskim Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Close to home water include: Crystal Lake, 6625 SW 15 (special use area) Daleski reservoir with youth Park, North and North Meridian · Edwardian fishing fleet, 1515 N Bryant Kids & # 39; Lake on Wilshire 3200 W Wilshire Route 66 Park pond, 3350 West Overholser Drive · South Lake Park Pond (East and West), 4302 SW 119 All water Stinchcomb Refuge Wildlife, NW 51 Stinchcomb Road · Oklahoma River, stretches down from NW 10th street (including ponds, reservoirs and wetlands) to the 10th school. Lake Zoo, 2101 NE 50
city ​​lakelimits types Stay & requirements Bass Largemuta: 6 (14 “minimum) Bass small mouth: 1 (18” minimum) channel and blue catfish: 15 combined kreyp 37 calendar: 5 (at least 18 “) Catfish flat: 10) 20” minimum) Rainbow trout: 6
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Close to homeLimits types and compliance Bass Largemut: Catch and release channel catfish and Blue 6 combined Crappie: 37 Flat som: 10 (minimum 20 “) rainbow trout: 6

Well, People Now I want to talk a bit about fishing the Central region.

Arcadia lake For you explorers, there are plenty of places for public access to launch your fishing boat. For people who do not work on the boat, Lake Arcadia is a hot heated, covered dock are provided for year-round fishing for blue frog kanalavaga catfish, blue catfish and Basan. Lake Arcadia is located on the river Deep fork and has 26 miles of coastline and 1820 hectares of surface water.
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Stanley Draper Lake Lake was built in 1963. The lake has 4 roofed fishing pier for fishermen without boats. For users, there are numerous boat ramps. Lake Draper takes water from Lake Atoka and McGee Creek Reservoir in the south-east of Oklahoma.
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The lake has a prospect. depth of 34 feet and 98 feet at the deepest point. Lake Draper occupies 2900 hectares of surface. It located in the south-east of Oklahoma City and just off I-240 between the Middle sunsets and mail.
lake Hefner Located in the northwest of the city of Oklahoma and is part of the city and the lake has a special fishing rules. Lake Hefner was built in 1947 and a & # 39 is a great fishing lake. The lake has a closed, heated board for hunting near Hefner Golf Course, and a covered marina for fishing called Birds of a feather. In urban wharf is 1 refuge for politeness, 1 indoor pier 3 ramps with trends. At Lake Hefner has a prospect. depth of 29 feet in the middle and it’s 94 feet at the deepest point. Lake Gefner occupies 2500 hectares of surface.
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overlap lake it is located on the eastern Saydane Yukon lake has 7 miles of coastline and 1500 hectares of surface. Oklahoma City has lake Overholser, 13 feet deep at the deepest point and amounts to a depth of 6 feet. Lake – the oldest reservoir of the city, built in 1919.

lake Thunderstorm It is not far from the city to the east of Oklahoma Norman. Clear Lake has miles of coastline and 6077 hectares of surface. Clear Lake provides great fishing spot. Catch crappie, kanalavaga catfish, bass Largemouth, Sunfish and Saugeye.

Wes Watkins Lake The lake has a big bass, and this is the best Big Lake Bath in the central region. All major bass fishing at low – a catch and release only. Lake with one thousand one hundred forty-two acres managed by the Office for the Development Patavatamii, which introduced a special fishing on the lake rules. Lake Uetkins was built in August 1999. Located outside 40 between Shawnee and Oklahoma City.