Oklahoma: Welcome to the peaceful tranquility of rural land


It offers a variety of tourist activities Oklahoma – State located in the south central United States. The name of the state comes from two Indian words Choctaw & # 39; okla & # 39; and & # 39; humma & # 39; which means & # 39; Red Men & # 39 ;. Unofficial nickname of the state – & # 39; Sooner, the state & # 39; and its inhabitants are known as & # 39; Aklahomans & # 39; or & # 39; Okies & # 39 ;. Capital of the state with the & # 39 is Oklahoma City.
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the province’s economy thrives on agriculture. Because of the amazing diversity of its relief, she was able to secure a prime position as the major producers of agricultural products. The entire staff is a countryside studded pattern, as farms, ranches, and decorated with rich natural views. People who are interested in agricultural activities and events and want to enjoy a different experience during your holiday, apart from the usual tourist activities, can visit this state.

Queen agritourism : The overall scenario of rural America can be described as a combination of amazing scenic action, calming green of vineyards, wineries, bury sweet lavender farms, etc. These common scenarios best bloom in Oklahoma.. If tourists want to get some different tourist experience, they can enjoy some adventurous places for adventures that with & # 39 are the property of the state. apple Tree Hollow It is a shop dedicated to the manufacture of all the items associated with apples. The nearest apple orchard – the source of its raw materials. This shop sells homemade products that with & # 39 are both fresh and appetizing. Black Sheep Winery with & # 39 is private property. However, visitors can look into it and to savor their own languages ​​on a small tasting. berries bucket it is also private property, which is famous for the cultivation of small berry-like fruit. The farm is open to visitors during certain months of the year. The first commercial company, which grows lavender, with a & # 39 is a state Lavender Farm and hills . Economy – it is a tourist attraction, as it gives guided tours and organizes annually lavender festivals . It also sold products from lavender, are popular with visitors. Apart from these, there are many other farms, wineries and ranches, which constantly help the state established on the top of agritourism.
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Celebrate the rich beauty : In addition to the above-mentioned agricultural attractions in Oklahoma has a few entertainment that can also capture visitors & # 39; interests. People who do not like agritourism, can explore these places. GW Exotic Animal Park it is the home of more than 1000 foreign animals and wildlife. Gene Autry Museum people back in the old Western times. Oklahoma City Zoo , One of the most popular zoos in the world, can please all visitors. This rare combination of wild nature and the botanical garden. Water park Comanche ie, to make it easier for people if they are concerned about a little unbearable heat state. A haven for wildlife Wichita there is an extensive collection of various species of flora and fauna. It is home to different species of plants, birds, fish and land animals. This shelter provides an excellent opportunity to observe the visitors are so many varieties in a limited area. it Arts Festival Neskatunga that is, indicating the region of crafts and artwork, attracts large numbers of visitors. Other places as House-Museum of Soda . Pearson gallery etc. well worth a visit. In fact, this state – it is a storehouse of wonderful events and events that invite visitors to join the celebration of its rich agricultural beauties.