The American Banjo Museum

American Banjo Museum, which will soon be moving into an entertainment quarter Bryktaun in downtown Oklahoma City is now located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and was founded by Brady Hunt and Jack Kening in 1998. Banjo – a four-stringed instrument that has developed over 350 years in America.
American Banjo Museum seeks to promote a better understanding and a greater appreciation for this is clearly an American tool, which was also the representative of the jazz era of the 1920s and 30s.
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Initially, the museum began to gather with 60 four-stringed tenor and bacteria, each of which is decorated with arts. The museum also recently acquired about 200 banjo, made in America and belonging to the era of jazz, from a private collection in Germany. Being the only such kind in the world, the museum features a large collection of most banjos on display in the world.
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The sharp increase in the collection of banjo led to the decision to move the museum to Guthrie Bryktaun in downtown Oklahoma City. New on the & # 39; The object is very impressive and will show more than just a demonstration of the banjo.
Theater performances are scheduled for 60 seats, multimedia exposition of the history of the banjo, an ancient replica Shakey & # 39; s Pizza Salor, a souvenir shop, as well as other add-ons, including classrooms, offices, shops and eateries.
After the American Banjo Museum Bryktaun move to somewhere in the middle of 2009, the residents of Oklahoma City, and the tourists will be able to go to another place. This is another valuable addition to an already saturated attractions menu that offers Oklahoma City. City hotels Oklahoma City, always include the Museum of the American Banjo into a tourist route that organizes excursions for its guests.